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Afmech S.A.

Visé, Liege


The activities of the company AFMECH arehydraulics,pneumatics,centralized lubricationsystemsandmachining.In these4domains we support our customers with: sales, study, installation, repairs, modifications improvements.In machining, we have conventional and CNC lathes, conventional and CNC milling machines and a 5-axis milling machine. We use Inventor and AutoCAD for our drawings and Mastercam for the communication with our CNCs.


Ontario, New York


HARBEC Inc.was established in 1977 and has engineered itself into a precisionMultiple Manufacturing Process Supplier. There are3 Core Manufacturing Technologies: 1. Hi-speed CNC, Multi-Axis Milling (3, 5 7 Axis) 43 dedicated high speed, multi-axis milling centers including vertical mills, horizontal lathes, multiple EDM centers on three shifts, producing small to large volumes of high precision parts for customers worldwide. 40 years of experience with a wide range of machine metals includingAluminum, Brass, Copper, Inconel, Magnesium, Steel, Titaniumand Inconel. HARBEC utilizesMASTERCAM Version 10 with18 CAD/CAM Stations in a Master Control Programing Area. 2.INJECTION Molding with In-House Mold Making Capability 32 All Electric Presseson three shiftsranging from 55 to 400 tons of clamp pressure. HARBEC specialize in highly featured, tight tolerance component parts molded from engineered thermoplastic resins. Overmolding and insert molding are also offered as well as assemblies and secondary operations including; including mechanical assemblies, ultrasonic welding, heat staking, pad printing, hot stamping and machining.NOTE: Capable of molding inISO Class 8 (FED 100,000) Clean Room. 3.3D Additive Technology (Metal Plastic) / Rapid Prototyping HARBEC offers 3D; Selective Laser Sintering(SLS), Direct Metal Laser Sintering(DMLS), Stereolithography(SLA), Fused Deposition Modeling(FDM) PolyJetin Additive Technology HARBEC offers QMS;Quick Manufacturing Solutions (QMS) as a method of supplying customers with high quality, short to medium run plastic parts out of any material in a reduced time frame. Our QMS capability allows us to produce prototype products more cost effectively and with lower risk by reducing errors in subsequent production stages.

MATSUDA Silicon Valley Office

Santa Clara, California


Cold Formed Part Specialize Technology to lead to the future ! Contributing to all industry fields including automobile, bicycle, and architectural relation by original cold forging technology. by original cold forging technology. Company which contributing to every industry fields by evolutionary of forging technology effected to society and becoming your best partner. Production of Degree Difficulty Part and Hard processing parts are chiefly product.VA activity purposes from trial product VA activity purposes from trial product to mass production achieve your target. to mass production achieve your target. Challenge Production by High forging technology with full ideas infinity

New England Grinding & Machining

Bridgeport, Connecticut


New England Grinding and Machining LLC specializes in Blanchard Grinding, Surface Grinding and Double Disc grinding. We are a precision flat and round grinding company.We can grind steel and other metals and materials both magnetic and non-magnetic. We can Blanchard(rotary surface) grind parts for fast stock removal or for large lots of small parts to achieve same size lots.With Blanchard grinding we can guarentee flatness of .001 per foot or better depending on thickness, and squareness on all 6 sides. We can surface grind parts for precision and for flatness of .0005 per foot or better.

Ohio Metal Technologies

Hebron, Ohio


Ohio Metal Technologies, Inc.was founded in 1996 in Hebron, OH. OMT is an ISO TS certified manufacturer of high quality components for the automotiveindustry. Our end customers are US, Japanese, Korean, German, and Italian automotive manufacturers. Services Offered: Heat Treatment Painting CNC Machining Centers CNC Lathes and Cutting Machines CMM Milling Machines NC Bending Machines Robotic Bending Machines End Forming Machines Wire EDM Semi-Automatic Aqueous Degreaser

Riley Gear Corporation

St Augustine, Florida


The history of gear manufacturing as it applies to Riley Gear Corporation began in 1946 when our company was founded in Buffalo, New York. Since then, we have cultivated relationships with original equipment manufacturers around the world, providing them with high-quality precision gears for a wide variety of applications ranging from aerospace to off-road vehicles. Throughout our history, our employees and management teams have focused on providing great products to our customers and providing the highest level of customer service possible.


Oberurnen, Glarus


Precision forgings from 1g to 5kg in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys (Steels, stainless steels, titanium, alumnium, brass, copper...). Our added value: a strong expertise in precision forgings since 130 years paired with Poland competitiveness.
The Siemens Charlotte Energy Hub is the Company's worldwide hub for 60 Hz power generating equipment, with additional capabilities for the 50 Hz market.Siemens Electrical Components Plant in Ft. Payne, AL is a global provider of copper components, stator bars and rotor coils, insulating components, and gaskets. The Siemens Charlotte Energy Hub has more than one million square feet of production and office space, with 80-100 foot manufacturing bays.Occupying 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Siemens Fort Payne plant has experienced continued success while becoming a leader in the industry with design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing capabilities located on-site. Fort Payne boasts an extensive warehouse inventory of raw material, supported by a network of global resources, which allows us to achieve some of the best lead times in the industry. Our engineering, machine tools, balance facilities, testing, and other services can provide products and services to you too! Contactme today for more information and a quote.


Izmir, Izmir


Tekom was established in 1977 as one of the leading and novelty firms in the sector. Initial days of firm in the market, basic product range shaped around perforated and nonperforated cable trays, cable ladders, trunkings, supports and hardwares. In course of time, high value-added products included to the product range such as PV mounting systems, wire mesh cable trays, cable clamps and underfloor trunking systems. Thus, firm's position became consolidated year by year with the help of flexible production abilities, custom made solutions, fast deliveries and plenty of variety in product range. It directly helped to widen network and new markets as emerged. In 2006, a Joint Venture was established with Berlin based huge group, who has 1100 work force over the globe and 250mio Euro revenue, well known as PUK-WERKE Kunststoff - Stahlverarbeitung GmbH Co,Tekom-PUK is able to provide custom-made engineering and special system production / solution services for our clients' unique projects.

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