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ISO certifications are common in the manufacturing industry, providing assurance that businesses adhere to structured processes with high standards. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent, non-governmental organization that establishes standards for various business operations, including manufacturing. Manufacturers holding ISO certifications undergo yearly audits to maintain their status, and although ISO drafts certification criteria, independent third-party organizations perform the actual assessments.

MFG maintains an ISO certification database of manufacturers, featuring common certifications like the following:

  • ISO 9001 - As a Quality Management System (QMS) standard, ISO 9001 certification proves that a manufacturer has demonstrated they consistently provide quality products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. ISO 9001 is associated with both continued improvement and customer satisfaction.

  • ISO 14001 - This certification sets the standards for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Manufacturers holding this certification commit to sustainable practices, including waste reduction and resource-efficient processes. ISO 14001 reflects a manufacturer’s dedication to minimizing their environmental footprint.

  • ISO/TS 16949 - This standard is specific to the automotive industry, affirming that a manufacturer meets high-quality production standards for vehicles. ISO/TS 16949 emphasizes defect prevention, variation reduction, and waste in the supply chain, assuring consumers of the manufacturer’s commitment to automotive quality standards.

Billet Precision Ltd. is a ISO 9001:2008 registered company located in Ottawa, Canada. We specialize in high precision machined components using the latest machining and inspection technology. Our people, technology, and leading-edge equipment ensures that we deliver innovative solutions for clients of all sizes across a host of industries. Our focus on productivity, efficiency and cost is achieved through a lean process, cellular manufacturing and the best resource allocation tools available. By making use of a unique combination of tools we are able to tackle any small and complex machined components in a host of challenging materials. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our company. Joe Schuster President phone (613)822-1040 fax (613)822-2747 e-mail

CARR Machine & Tool, Inc.

Elk Grove Village, Illinois


CARR Machine & Tool, Inc. is located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining.

T-SOK Corporation, Ltd.

Dist., New Taipei City, New Taipei City


T-SOK Co. Ltd. is one of the leading global manufacturers of multi-slide hot chamber die casting machines for zinc and the relevant equipments. With its evolutionary Angelcast multi-slide die casting machine, it has significantly increased the density and surface quality of the castings to a new standard. Apart from being the supplier of Angelcast machines, T-SOK has a tool shop well equipped with the most modern machineries, and experienced tool makers with the know-how which can offer our customers a complete service: from the design and manufacturing to the testing and sampling; delivering high quality dies ready for production.Since the foundation of T-SOK, the business has continued to grow based upon our ability to source and supply die casting services of the highest standard, ranging from individual machines for small to medium size businesses to tailored solutions for larger organizations.




-Management of Industrial out sourcing Welding constrution stell / Alu Profil cutting and bending CNC Machining Airshafts and cam lock shafts Laser cutting and HD plasma high thickness Casting and forging

Quality Machine and Tool Works

Columbus, Indiana


Quality Machine Tool Works, Inc. is the right choice... EXPERIENCE Backed by over 50 years' experience in the industry, Quality Machine and Tool Works, Inc. has earned its reputation for just that...Quality! We deliver to our customers the highest in quality machined parts. We maintain a standard of excellence, with certified QMS and EMS. TEAMWORK Quality Machine Tool Works, Inc. is not just another business that manufactures components; we are a team of professionals. It starts with our clients, new and longstanding, with whom we build a relationship of integrity that involves our entire staff from inside our office to the shop floor. DEDICATION From the time your work order is placed into our hands to the completion and delivery of the finished product, you can rest assured we are working hard to measure up to the task. Quality Machine Tools Works, Inc. operates three daily work shifts, which keeps the company operating 24 hours per day, five days per week! COMMITMENT At Quality Machine and Tool Works, Inc., our staff is committed to producing products of superb quality at reasonable prices, and to the delivery of our products to satisfy the needs of every customer. Customer satisfaction is important to us and we will continue to work hard to earn your business.


Hallencourt, Picardie


Activities: as a subcontractor, DESIGN, OPTIMIZATION, VALIDATION, DIE-CASTING, MACHINING, ASSEMBLY and MARKETING of all components that can be made of die-cast copper alloys. FAVI History1957 : Founding of FAVI SA (Foundry and Shops of Vimeu), subcontractor in copper alloys pressure die-casting. Leader in the production of sanitary fittings (U-bends, floor drains…).1971 : Take-over of FAVI SA by the leading copper alloys refiner in Europe, AFICA. Creation of new alloys.1974 : Building of the new factory. FAVI becomes one of the European leaders in the production of water meter housings.End of the 70's: creation of CuZn27, standardization of our main alloys, and shipment of the first shift forks for gearboxes.1997 : FAVI is the first European foundry to be ISO14001 certified2000 : FAVI is the first French company to be OHSAS 18001 certified2001 : Beginning of production of die-cast copper rotors for electric motors2002 : FAVI is the first French company to be QSE certified2004 : Building of a second production plant, dedicated to small and mid volume production of non automotive components.2006: the 200 000 000th fork has shipped.2008 : FAVI is the first European foundry to be ILO OSH 2001 certified.


Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton


Expocet was established in 1996 to act as the multilingual European Export Sales function for a number of UK manufacturing companies, specialising in castings. Since then our customer base has grown and Expocet now represents 7 UK manufacturing companies, with a minimum of ISO 9002-2000 or TS16949 certification. Expocet is involved in the following manufacturing processes and looks forward to receiving any enquiries from you. The production of castings in Iron ( SG Iron, Grey Iron, ADI, CGI, Chrome Irons) by the automated Disa, Shell Moulding and traditional sand casting processes. The production of Steel and Stainless Steel castings by the Lost Wax or Investment process (production in UK and also in China) and traditional sand cast process. The production of Prototype Engine Development castings in Aluminium and Iron (including SiMo and Ni-Resist and CGI) by the high precision sand process. Also castings for Motorsport applications (F1, DTM etc.....)

North Plastik s.r.l.

Angiari, Veneto


WE BUILD YOUR WORLD North company was born in 1988 as workshop for the design and realization of thermoplastic and thermosetting injection tools. The company view, focused on the customer satisfaction and turn to settle a close business co-operation, has seen in 1996, as a natural evolution, the birth of North Plastik - molding division.The great business dynamicity took in the years into the fusion of these two realities in North Plastik.The progressive development of the internal design and tool homologation divisions, permits now to North Plastik to avail itself of some tested constructors both European and from Far East. This fact has improved the competitiveness both on the delivery terms and on the production costs and consequently on the selling prices. Today North Plastik purposes itself as ideal partner for all the customers which work in plastic business for the following activities: Co design and creation of the product Study and tool construction Molding of parts in thermoplastic and thermosetting Realization of silk printing and welding process Assembling SOLUTIONS BEYOND YOUR EXPECTATIONS North Plastik proposes itself as a reference point for industrial companies searching for a reliable partner that treat all the phases of product adjustment: from the design to the tool development, tillthe production of plastic parts. YOUR DEMANDS, OUR CHALLENGE North Plastik is a young and dynamic reality in strong expansion. Since the beginning, North Plastik spent the major investment on the professional growth of their partners and on the adoption of advanced technologies. The professionalism and extremely flexibility of our company are warranty of solution suitable for each need.Our mission is making available this structure oriented to the Customer satisfaction offering a customized advice accordingly to the needs that emerge. WE GIVE SHAPE TO YOUR IDEAS North Plastik disposes of the know-how, experience, human and technical sources able to join and support the customer during all the project phases:. DESIGN Study for the product engineering. Feasibility simulations with analyzer on finished components Fast prototyping of the product Study and realization of the tool project TOOL CONSTRUCTION Tool construction in a internal division with modern equipped CNC machines. Check of construction stages and just in time intervention for any modifications on the original project. Warehouse activities, maintenance, modification and repair internally made in a equipped division MOLDING Injection molding of thermoplastic polymers Injection molding and compression thermosetting polymers Assisted molding with gas - "gas injection" Over-molding rigid /elastomer Tests and quality inspections on the component Packaging AFTER-MOLDING OPERATIONS Silk printing and pad printing Painting and galvanic treatment made by some partner companies under close quality control and responsibility of North Plastik Ultrasound and vibrational welding Continuous deposit sealants Assembly, wiring and functional static and dynamic tests A WORLD IN YOUR HANDS North Plastik is working in the following sectors: Automotive Household appliances Electric and electronic Hobbies Personal Care Heating and conditioning Safety Water and air treatment Fluid of medium and high pressure (pumps, valves, regulators) WE GIVE SHAPE TO A NEW CONCEPT OF WORK The strengths points that distinguish us are: • The pluriannual experience in the sector • The technical competence of a qualified team • The use of techno-polymers formulated accordingly to specific needs • The hybrid technologies metal/plastic and exclusive • The presence of the technologic laboratory to support our customers • The ability in realizing management simulations in order to show the more advantageous production solution • The transparence of the immediate answer on the product feasibility • The sensibility to the market trend and the particular needs of the Customer • The just in time service • The flexibility and dynamicity • The continuous operation, 24 hours per days, 7 days per week WE MODEL THE QUALITY SOURCE For North Plastik the priority is represented by the quality warranty obtained under the strategy of "Total Quality Management ". On the base of the Quality Management principles, all the collaborators realize regularly training and training on job to learn different qualitative techniques. Particular attention is paid to staff training, considering the continuous technologies evolution and the consequent updating need. LIVING THE PRESENT LOOKING TO THE FUTURE North Plastik looks to the future: confronting with Customers always more demanding , pursuing technological choices which involve a growing and steady engagement in term of human resources and investments, North Plastik obtained important certifications internationally recognized confirming the company as undisputed leader of the sector. ISO9001 certification ISO14001 certification ISO/TS 16949 certification SA8000 certification TOOL CONSTRUCTION AREA North Plastik deals with the design and construction of injection and compression tools for the production of molded parts in: thermoplastic thermosetting hybrid technology metal/plastic In North Plastik different types of tools are realized: Moulds for double injection and for over-molding Injection moulds for complicated parts with high precision Moulds with integrated systems for automated loading and removal Moulds with multi-level hot runner systems ACTIVITIES Study and design of the products with solid parametric modeling and modeling of surfaces. Rheological and structural analysis with simulation programs help. Tool designing Elaboration of CAM ways Construction of prototype moulds for technical tests Construction of moulds for thermoplastic compact components and with gas injection. Construction of injection, compression or injecting-compression tools for thermosetting parts PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT The production process uses specialized machines and advanced technologies: EDM and CNC wire erosion Erosion drilling machine CNC high speed milling machine Equipment and workshop machinery Round and plane grinding machine PLASTIC COMPONENT MOLDING North Plastik proposes itself as a quality partner in the transformation of plastic materials in the following sectors: Automotive Household appliances Electric and electronic Heating and conditioning Hobbies Personal care Safety Medium and high pressures fluidics (pumps, valves, regulators) and in all that the plastic materials technical application allows. ACTIVITIES Injection molding of thermoplastic compact components and with gas injection Injection molding and thermosetting compression Injection molding of double-components Over-molding on metal and plastic components with automated systems of loading and unloading After molding services Assembly, ultrasound and vibrational welding Painting, galvanic treatments, pad and silk screen painting PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT Injection molding for thermoplastic components using machines from 50 to 1000 Ton. Injection molding for thermosetting components using machines from 100 to 300 Ton. THE FINISHING North Plastik is able to complete the components produced using several graphic and assembly systems of finished groups.The production, in fact, is completed with the following operation: Decoration Assembly Functional testing Particular experience and competence has been acquired in: the insertion of threaded inserts operation of metal removal processes testing and execution of functional check both mechanical and electrical


Aprilia, Lazio


Ansa Compositi Group began its development in 1960 with the planning and realization of moulds and thermoset and thermoplastics moulding. Its mission is to supply a service that is complete and without reservations on any product that is manufactured for obtain a major competitiveness fot its customers.

Machining Center, Inc.

Brighton, Michigan


For over 25 years Machining Center, Inc. has been the single source for precision CNC machined products and assemblies, servicing the automotive, racing, performance, construction, off road, and energy industries. We are a veteran owned Michigan based manufacturer that is both, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified. With an on-time delivery rate in excess of 99%, we specialize in global sourcing and precision machining services of complex castings and forgings, from prototype to low and high volume production, and for parts ranging from a small automobile connecting rod to a large earth mover transmission case. Our services include in-house tooling design and build capabilities that reduce our customers’ lead-time on average of 2 to 4 weeks. By providing a global sourcing capability for your castings and forgings requirements, MCI reduces raw material costs for our customers on an average of 10% to 20%. We further reduce our customers’ overall program cost by collaborating and communicating with our customers and suppliers, making us a premium service source for machining large and complex parts.


Muggensturm, Baden-Württemberg


We are a manufacturer of high precision turning and milling parts, with its headquarter located in Israel with about 100 employees and 17 employees in Muggensturm, the European branch of Metalicone. We are located in Israel, because our owner is the same person as the owner and founder of Iscar Cutting tools, which is an israelian based multimillion company. We are specialized in parts with very high demands to form and shape tolerances, 0,005mm and less, we can achieve IT2 tolerances. Your machining shop is divided into 5 departments, each department has got its own climate controlled metrology. All parts are measured and lasermarked for future tracking. We can supply single parts as well as assemblies, we have hydraulic aggregates with PLC control, so we can test hydraulic cycles and leakages. We would love to prove to you, that we are capable of fulfilling your demands and are looking forward to further enquiries.


BEASAIN, País Vasco


Estanda a proven name in the supply of quality heat and wear resistant casting's to the Cement, Automotive, Railway and Public service sector since 1953.Since our inception we have been exporting our products to the world through our world wide sales network. Today we proudly export up to 80% of our production supplying to almost every country in the world.Our dedicated staff of 225 people working in the Spanish, Estanda production plant and within our world wide sales network, are focused to provide world class products and an after sales service for our products which is rated second to none. Our current primary sphere of activity specialises in the cement manufacturing industry, developing complete engineering solutions for the optimisation of all types of clinker coolers,raw/cement milling circuits, as well as the supply of quality spare and wear parts for all sections of the integrated production process for cement manufacture.Estanda your preferred solution provider.We are here to service your engineering needs in the cement industry, constantly upgrading our technology and solutions, providing rightful fit for purpose designs/parts tailored to suit the needs of your business.

TI Automotive

Auburn Hills, Michigan


TI Fluid Systems designs and manufactures fluid carrying systems that meet the complex assembly, design and performance challenges of the automotive industry. Our wide range of multilayer low-permeation plastic tubes, high-pressure steel double-wall and single-wall tubes, quick connectors and flexible lines is designed to meet the demanding requirements of the modern automotive industry and vehicle performance environment. TI Fluid Systems has developed specialty internal and external coatings designed to withstand corrosion, abrasion and other environmental hazards on all of its fluid carrying systems products.

Cremach Technologies



Cremach Technologies is located in Corona, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining, Engineering & Design Services, Fabrication, Electro-Mechanical Assembly.

Sabikun International

Gaithersburg, Maryland


Sabikun International is located in GAITHERSBURG, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Wire Harness, Engineering & Design Services, Fabrication.

Harman Corp.



Harman Corp. is located in Rochester, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Fabrication, Injection Molding, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Sheet Metal.

Elk County Machining

St Marys, Pennsylvania


Elk County Machining is located in St Marys, Pennsylvania, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Machining, Engineering & Design Services, Stamping.

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