Sterling Leisure Products Grows Supply Chain


Sterling Leisure Products was founded in 2007 as a Canadian-based distributor of Covana–the world’s only all-in-one spa automated cover gazebo, a design that enhances the spa experience with complete protection from the elements and energy savings.


Sterling Leisure Products was working with a one-stop-shop contract manufacturer for a number of years when they decided to move purchasing and R&D in-house. It was a bold move that would effect both the culture and strategy of the business, and their lack of supplier network was the first challenge that needed to be addressed, and fast. Sterling needed a way to pre-qualify manufacturers that could provide them with timely quotes for their parts, without causing delay in bringing their product to market. 

SOLUTION was selected by Sterling Leisure Products to tackle their biggest sourcing challenges, including kick-starting their search for prequalified suppliers that could fulfill their custom parts for the Covana. Operations Coordinator for Sterling Leisure Products, Matthew Bosworth says, “ allows us to get through rst runs, research and pricing, all at a quicker pace.”

RESULTS helped Sterling Leisure Products grow their supply base from the ground up and saved them time and money in the process. Bosworth comments, “ is a fantastic bidding and prequalification site where you can provide engineering drawings and receive a number of quotes from qualified vendors throughout the world.” Bosworth continues, “Within days of uploading info for an RFQ, I was able to complete my bill materials on what an average cost would be for buying from North America versus China.” While working with, Sterling discovered that the jackpot for fiberglass SIP board manufacturers is in Elkhart, Indiana. Bosworth says, “We would have never known about some small city in Indiana if it wasn’t for really helped us hone in on these hubs for certain components that go into our product”.



Objective Benefits Achieved
Build a Network
Created supply base from scratch to meet all requirements
Receive Quotes Fast Drastically reduced time to receive quotes
Find Niche Manufacturers
Discovered niche regional manufacturing hub for SIP board manufacturers


“ is great for finding a new supplier and it gives you more protection when you do. Having information we can obtain on enables us to make sound business decisions much faster than we used to.”  

Matthew Bosworth
Operations Coordinator,
Sterling Leisure Products

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