U.S. Army Enlists Skilled Manufacturers to Meet Objective

Business Challenge

The branch of the U.S. Army in Huntsville, Alabama was in need of manufacturers that specialized in making machined aluminum housings. Historically, this branch located suppliers based on proximity, but needed to expand their search in order to find qualified manufacturers with the capacity and competitive pricing.


The Huntsville, Alabama location of the U.S. Army chose to source their parts through MFG.com’s online platform, the world’s largest online manufacturing marketplace. Proximity to their location was no longer the number one priority which allowed them the flexibility to focus on quality, price and turnaround time.


It was through MFG.com manufacturers that the U.S. Army was able to receive multiple competitive quotes from the type of skilled manufacturers they were searching for. With such great success on MFG.com, the Huntsville, Alabama location of the U.S. Army is now sourcing the majority of their parts on MFG.com.

Benefits Achieved
Find qualified manufacturers
Locate manufacturers with capacity to turn parts quickly
Reduce part cost Expanded pool of qualified manufacturers
Received quick turnaround on parts Found competitive pricing from quality manufacturers

“We are working with MFG.com to connect with manufacturers, not just based on proximity to us, but on qualifications, capacity, and price." 

Jay Land
Electrical Engineer
U.S. Army

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