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Manufacturing Case Study | Nearfield Systems

Business Challenge 

Nearfield ( was designing brand new critical parts that required a specific expertise, one that their existing suppliers just couldn’t provide.  In the past, they worked with their existing suppliers who wanted the work but were not necessarily qualified.  The manufacturers would drastically increase pricing because they would create the part using unconventional and unfamiliar methods, or outsource 80% of the machining to make the part. As a result, Nearfield was paying outrageous prices for the parts with long lead times. 


Nearfield selected, the world’s largest online manufacturing marketplace, to fulfill their specialized sourcing needs. With, Nearfield was able to easily find qualified manufacturers simply by viewing their online profiles with customer feedback, capabilities and certifications—all before picking up the phone. Nearfield found that provided them with access to manufacturers that were uniquely qualified to make not just any part, but that specific part. 

Results gave Nearfield access to suppliers that could provide them with more competitive pricing for their parts. When comparing current suppliers’ RFQ prices to the prices they were receiving from suppliers on, Nearfield found that suppliers provided better pricing with better qualifications.

Benefits Achieved
Find qualified manufacturers in niche market
Identified niche manufacturers that met their needs
Receive competitive pricing Found suppliers that could provide fair, competitive pricing
Maintain tight delivery schedule Gained access to manufacturers that could provide the turnaround time they needed

"Just this year, has saved the company my entire annual salary. And I’m not cheap."

- Peter Bond, Director of Special Parts, Nearfield

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