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Five Kilo LLC

Fullerton, California

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Five Kilo LLC is a service-disabled veteran owned small business, located in Fullerton, CA, providing engineering & design, 3D printing and CNC machining services. With a focus on quality and price, we stand behind the products we make, always strive for improvement.

Our company growth strategy is to continue expansion until a set capacity, and expand to building branches for other veteran entrepreneurs. With a set capacity, we will be able to continue providing highly competitive pricing for all of our current and prospective clients.

Concept2Creation Inc.

Des Plaines, Illinois


Concept2Creation stands ready to partner with you in developing your ideas into tangible products. We specialize in working with individual visionaries and innovators, as well as established businesses, in bridging the product development gaps to create a path to success. From inception to commercialization- and everything in between- we have the skills, experience, and dedication to successfully bring your ideas to life

Galaktika Kft.

Székesfehérvár, Fejer



Our company has been providing the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and energy industry with manufacturing precision and high-quality spare parts, equipment, and tools in unique, small and medium production run since the early 1990’s. Continous development and innovation make it possible that our partners' ideas and plans can be realized much faster through close cooperation and daily contact.

Semtec Universal

Bucuresti, Bucuresti

We have more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing industrial machines for various industries.

Our main focus was the manufacturing of packaging machines for the food industry.

In 2016 we have started a new business line for large series manufacturing of parts for other machines manufacturers. For this we have substantially upgraded our production capabilities with a top of the line CNC mill, CNC lathe as well as 3D printers.We use state of the art software for computer aided design, simulation, computer aided manufacturing as well as collaboration.We are thus currently capable to successfully deliver to recurring customers based in Germany and Denmark besides our long standing local customers.

Mecwork's di Pelati Fabio

Occhiobello, Veneto


Mecwork's di Pelati Fabio

EM Design

5.00 (3)

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


EM Custom Design Machining is a leading specialty manufacturer of complex, high precision components for the global aviation, defense, medical and aerospace industries.

Strategically located in the Greater Toronto Area west of Pearson International Airport, the company has built a reputation and trust with its customers for quality production, responsive customer service, cost effectiveness, and timely delivery.

Fabworks & Services LLC

Steven's Point, Wisconsin

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Fabworks Services LLC is an AWS QC:1 Certified welding and custom metal fabrication company based in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Fabworks provides a variety of fabrication processes such as Water Jet Cutting, Process Equipment Repair, Custom Fabrication, Portable Welding Services from repairs, modifications as well as new construction. We also provide onsite services to meet the needs of our customers. We provide consultation services as well as free estimates for your small or large projects. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We guarantee the highest quality results and will not consider the work complete until we have met or exceeded your expectations. Take a look at our projects page for a glimpse of our work.

Maquitec is a Mexican Company founded in 1974, manufacturing Aluminum Molds.

Starting operations as Injection Molding company in 2009 for the industrial Market, Maquitec extend the options.

Now in Automotive, molding parts since 2013 as Tier 2 and 3, we build the bases to be as big as we can imagine.

Our experience on CNC MACHINGING PARTS start from Inhouse and now for automotive and other industries too.

Counting with:

3 & 5 axes CNC,

Swiss Lathe,

3 axes Lathe,

Electrical Discharge Machining

80 to 700 Ton Injection Machines

JMC Tool & Machine

Sanford, North Carolina

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Custom manufacturer of parts and components for the industrial, aerospace, and medical industry. Capabilities include CNC machining, metal fabrication, CNC milling, press brake forming, CNC turning, prototyping, welding, and assembly services.

Topeka Foundry & Iron Works

Topeka, Kansas

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Topeka Foundry and Iron Works (TFI) is the go-to machine shop for manufacturing companies and defense contractors of all sizes. Our production facilities include CNC and manual lathes, mills, and turning equipment capable of light and heavy machining. Our long history of tooling innovation and machine reconditioning has helped our clients overcome productivity bottlenecks and add significant savings to their bottom lines. Our strategic partnerships allow us to buy material at a savings others can’t match. TFI can save you money by buying bulk metals, processing them into the finished parts you require, and delivering them straight to your plant, all in one invoice.


Missoula, Montana

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We are located in Missoula, Montana. Whether its molding a custom fairing for your two wheeled transport or engineering and building complex automated machinery, we strive to do it all. We specialize in mechanical engineering and prototyping, bridge tooling for fiber-filled thermoset composites, custom tools, small batch machined parts, and closing the gap between concept and production for a host of customer products.

An accomplished and diverse staff, with more than 50 years combined experience, lends their talents in a broad range of disciplines, from blacksmithing to advanced aerospace mold making.

Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

Hartmann's Inc.

Abilene, Texas

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Hartmann’s Inc. was founded in 1955 with one goal, to provide products that meet or exceed the customers' requirements. Hartmann’s Inc. is a WBENC certified woman-owned business and ISO 9001 – A.S.9100 certified located in Abilene, Texas, proudly making products in the U.S.A. We ship to customers all over the world including Japan, Scotland, Mexico, and Ireland.

Our current base line jobs range from medical to aviation and aerospace to O.E.M. automotive and diesel. Hartmann’s Inc. is also known for our rapid prototype development, long production runs, and mechanical assemblies and testing as needed by the customer. Our machine shop produces high quality parts from our state-of-the-art CNC turning and CNC milling centers as well as our sheet metal fabrication, gear cutting and welding departments. We are capable of machining parts at tight tolerances in a wide assortment of materials.

We thrive on giving our customers a true advantage when it comes to consistently superior quality, as we are ISO 9001-2008 Certified, providing service that begins with design, review and does not end until the part is satisfactorily installed and in full production. Our clients enjoy the ability to cut warehousing costs and parts inventory requirements due to our comprehensive consignment program. We are capable of machining a wide variety of materials including stainless steels, exotic alloys, aluminum casting, and plastics. We also specialize in automated production line rails held to tight tolerances.

Contact us for more information on what we can machine for your needs. Let our CNC machining add to your bottom line!

We have two facilities; our main manufacturing plant is located in Abilene, Texas, with our high tech rebuild and support operations in Jacksonville, Florida.


Zhuhai, ?? (Guangdong)

We are a service-oriented integrated enterprise of industry and trade. Professional precision parts solution provider, We have a good service and super quality delivery concept, so that customers who cooperate with us feel happy .We are specialized in small batch, high precision tooling, medical accessories, auto parts, mold accessories products, Although the company is small, our senior staff have the working background of German, French and American foreign enterprises, are familiar with the industrial standards of European Union, North America and other countries, and can fluently use English and German to exchange the professional terms of industrial products such as molds, automobiles and medical devices, accurately understand the requirements of overseas customers, and effectively reduce the communication time when serving foreign customers 

Materials that we can processed: carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, brass, iron, cast steel, thermoplastic, rubber, silica gel, bronze, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, tool steel, thermosetting plastics.

Surface treatment ability: powder spraying, painting, electroplating, sandblasting, polishing, anodizing.

DEM Manufacturing

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


DEM has been developing, designing and manufacturing a variety of products for the past 26 years. Located in Newbury, Ohio, DEM is a premiere manufacturer of military and law enforcement communications devices, custom cable assemblies, and a wide range of plastic injection molded parts and assemblies. Whether being used on land, water, or in the air, DEM’s products are built to maintain operation in the most demanding conditions.


Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We are engineering company. We provide fabricating solutions from CNC machine, sheet metal, wax loss casting, sand casting, aluminum high pressure casting, processing, assembly and test. Stable quality product, delivery on time, competitive price are our goals

Coldfire Industries LLC

Brentwood, New Hampshire



Coldfire Industries is located in Brentwood, New Hampshire. At Coldfire Industries, our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional quality and services. Our fabricators work closely with you to ensure you are getting the product you want. We take pride in turning out a phenomenal finished product at a fair price.

We specialize in welding, machining, and custom fabrication services in Carbon and stainless steels, aluminum, titanium and most ferrous and non ferrous metals. 

Shepard Industries

Port Matilda, Pennsylvania

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Shepard Industries specializes in high quality tight tolerance CNC machined products.

From our opening in 1980 to now, our focus has been on quality. We manufacture Medical products for use in life science fields and Chromatography. Although our main business has been medical type, we make anything from clean room tooling, car parts, Paintball parts to prototype/small runs.

Contact us today for a quote or more info!

G.M. Precision

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


G.M. Precision Inc. is a leader in precision machining of high volume parts.

  • CNC machining
  • Swiss turning
  • Deburring
  • Surface treatments
  • High precision 3D printing
  • CMM

Preferred Prototype Solutions



With over 40 years experience in manufacturing, we are able to design products, tooling, processes, and provide the necessary guidance to make sure your vision becomes tomorrow's products.

We offer a Preferred Prototype Solution for many types of plastic injected molded parts, and can provide high quality aluminum molds as well.

We offer a Preferred Prototype Solution for many types of Metal parts, and can offer Stamped Products design assistance.

Our 3D Printing area can supply you with the required samples and short run production parts to get you to the customer first.

Performance CNC Corp

Miami, Florida

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Furex, Inc. and Poloplast Corp join their 20+ years of experience in Performance CNC Corp.

We are capable of fulfilling high volume contracts.

We work with all types of metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, and also with all kinds of plastics.

We work with industrial parts, injection mold manufacturing, telecommunication parts, medical, aerospace, automotive, sporting goods, maritime, rigging, robotics.

We can help you build your prototypes. We offer 3D printing services as well with FDM and SLA capabilities.

Call us today for a free quote.

West Hollywood, California



We manufacture personal protective equipment, specifically personal reusable respirators and clear face shields for medical workers, essential employer staff, law enforcement and first responders. Our supply chain is U.S.A. based from start to finish, and our products are *not* disposable - they are environmentally friendly and meant to be reused.

Aixi Hardware Co.,Limited

ShenZhen, ?? (Guangdong)

AIXI Hardware , Foucs on high precision CNC machining , we have 3 axis & 5axis machining ability , we can do prototype and big quantity ,

SC Machining Innovations

Plano, Texas

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


Hello! My Name is Scott Crook and my business is SC Machining Innovations. I have over 30 years of experience in my field. A few of our most popular services are CNC Machining, product design, prototyping, and welding. I can do much more! If you have any questions or special requests please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

TNN Engineering

Carole Park, QLD, Queensland

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


TNN Engineering is a CNC machining and fabrication service that helps manufacturers deliver products that work by creating confidence and consistency in their component supply. We cater for small to medium sized batches and believe in efficiently transforming our client’s ideas and drawings into tangible components and assemblies that are accurate and functional. A family owned business spanning almost 30 years, TNN has been providing precision CNC machined parts and welded fabrications to the mining, civil, materials handling and agricultural industries. We bring Mind to Metal.

Schultz Engineered Products

Oakhurst, New Jersey

Schultz Engineered Products is located in Oakhurst, New Jersey, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Engineering & Design Services, Fabrication, Machining, 3D Printing.

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