Supplier Success on the Platform makes it easy for Buyers and Suppliers to discover each other. As a resource for manufacturers to grow their business, diversify their customer portfolio and fill excess capacity, it’s important for us to get insight from our valuable marketplace members on how they’ve utilized the marketplace for their business. Luckily, we had the opportunity to interview Charlie Bell, owner of Pure Precision to learn about his company’s experience as a supplier on the marketplace.


1. Would you please give me a quick overview of your company?


Founded in January 2014, Pure Precision started as a dream in a small garage and now is a legitimate business with the help of We are a CNC manufacturer, milling, turning, and swiss screw type turning shop. We have 4 full-time employees. Our current warehouse is moving and expanding from an 1800-square foot facility to a 4200-square foot facility. We’re acquiring two new milling machines by the 1st of July. This is a big step for us. We needed the ability to do more and step up to the plate. I felt we were held back by size. This expansion will allow us to step into more production.


2. Describe your role?


I’m the owner and operator at Pure Precision. I do all the programming, personal set up, and office administrative work. I started in the industry when I was 18 years old, and now, I’m 30 years old and have a lot of knowledge of the industry.



3. What were some of the pain points in your business that you were searching for a solution to?


In our area, there wasn’t availability of used equipment. Moving equipment and material availability were scarce in a small town. Finding material was a problem. Employees were a pain point too. It was difficult training people to fit with the shop. Finding new customers and clients were both a pain point. I mean we were trying to juggle 1 or 2 customers to keep afloat, but that wasn’t working. In the process of growing, customers taking us serious, legitimizing our business, we were struggling. Nobody wanted to check references. We had no reputation, and you get ignored if you don’t have a reputation. It was important for us to establish legitimacy. helped us with our exposure in the industry.


4. What was the process your company typically used to search for new business?


We didn’t have a successful process. We relied on word-of-mouth and people we knew in the industry. The people we purchased equipment from turned out to be a good resource. Operators would quit, and they would help. They would send us jobs, and we would work off those referrals. It was an unknown area. We would notice items on backorder for a month and go to the retailer and wholesaler directly. We would ask them to send us a print, and we would make the part. We would produce the part for their company. We found pain points for other companies and made it for them. It didn’t get us new products or new designs, but we survived on an existing product that had a known customer base. This pool was pretty small. We needed to expand and get more business.



5. What has your experience with been like thus far? is good for getting new customers and gaining exposure. The staff is great and knowledgeable. I can say it’s better than anyone I’ve done business with in the past. My account manager is amazing with assisting with suggestions and giving me hands-on training. Andrew C. handles all of my questions and concerns. He gives me advice on what we can do better next time. Very friendly, honest, and responsive. The transparency is incredible. The system helps us strategize what parts of the industry we want to be in and puts the process into perspective on competitiveness in the industry. The team and platform help us on overall strategy. Also, the files are always there and super fast and very stable.



6. Are there any specific gains your company has experienced, such as cost and time savings, etc?


We gained market visibility on More people know about us because of MFG than not. You can put in a basic amount of energy and get more traction. If you put in more work into the system, you get more customers. We decided to dive more into the website in the last year and we’ve gotten more aggressive. The 1st year was a learning curve, but we’re learning more every day.



7. What is your advice to others who might be considering joining


You need to know what you specialize in and focus on your specialty. Find your account manager’s phone number and call them. Develop a relationship with your account manager. Don’t be afraid to reach out and get information on best practices. My account manager has been a better asset for me when utilizing the system. Ask questions. Search for things that aren’t in your comfort zone. Call customers. Get aggressive and bid on those things. Call them next day. Be competitive and introduce yourself. The system works when you work it.


Contact: Charlie Bell, Owner

Company Name: Pure Precision

Address: 3108 N and S Hwy, Lewiston, Idaho 83501

Contact Number: 208-267-5623