Revamps with Enabling Technology to Help Buyers, Suppliers Connect

The MFG Legacy

For a long time, MFG has been known as the world’s most well-established online manufacturing marketplace. But we want you to know we’re not resting on our laurels — we’re working hard to further our mission of making it even easier for sourcing professionals and parts manufacturers to discover one another.

This is why we’ve spent the last 13 months redesigning our platform, including the integration of key enabling technologies like AI and SEO. Here are some of our powerful new capabilities:

  • Advanced search—filter suppliers by geography, capabilities, certifications, etc.
  • Ability to easily and quickly create and post RFQs
  • Peer ratings and reviews to help buyers choose the right supplier
  • SEO-optimized profile pages that help suppliers get discovered by buyers
  • Intelligent RFQ routing based on manufacturer’s attributes
  • Net Promoter Scoring (NPS) that lets suppliers measure customer loyalty

You’ll also find a more fluid, navigable site design and in-application messaging similar to LinkedIn’s.

The New MFG

With the new MFG, manufacturers gain discoverability by creating unique, SEO-optimized profile pages. They can also easily search RFQ opportunities or bid on the ones routed to them based on what they do. Meanwhile, sourcing professionals can search for domestic and global suppliers based on a range of criteria. Or, they can create and post RFQs in just minutes—seriously, minutes—to start getting competitive bids. This, in fact, is one of our most compelling market differentiators.

While MFG has always been much more than a static manufacturer’s directory, we’re excited about our transformation to a truly interactive marketplace. In some ways, we’re the same MFG that to-date some 26,000 parts manufacturers and 75,000 buyers and engineers have used to do business. But in other ways, we’re not the same, at all. Think of us as the manufacturing marketplace you’ve always relied on, but with added super powers. Now it’s even easier for MFG to help you build and grow your business.

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