Buyer Boast About makes it easy for buyers and suppliers to discover each other. As a resource for buyers to source their ideal manufacturers for their jobs, it’s important for us to get insight from our valuable marketplace members on how they’ve utilized the marketplace for their business. Luckily, we had the opportunity to interview Karl Truty, owner of Massive Speed System to learn about his company’s experience as a buyer on the marketplace.



1. Would you please give us a quick overview of your company and how long you’ve been in business?

Massive Speed System manufacturers high-performance car parts. We’ve been around for 35 years. Our power products are made right here in the USA. We, also, offer a select group of quality products that pass our high standards. Check out our website to see more on our services and our customer’s rides.


2. Can you describe your role?

         I’m the owner of the company, Massive Speed System.


3. What were some of the pain points in your business that you were searching for a solution to?

We were having difficulty finding new providers that could complete the job quickly and offer jobs at a lower cost. We recently needed new processes. Laser processes to be exact. helped solve this dilemma. We quote jobs and receive great competitive prices from the suppliers. We stay in the mid-west area. We were sourcing locally in the beginning, but then it started to get difficult to find new manufacturers. We want to keep our business in the USA. We believe in reshoring, and finding local machine shops to complete our jobs.


4. What was the process your company typically used to source Suppliers?

Before, we would hit local shops trying to get new business. Word-of-mouth was another big way we relied on getting new suppliers. Not really any other means of looking for business. Sometimes it worked, but sometimes it didn’t. They weren’t very competitive on prices.


5. How did you learn about

Honestly, I just Googled the services. I was looking for services like what provides and to my surprise, there you were. is like the eBay of manufacturing!


6. What has your experience with been like thus far?


 Very good. I’ve found good sources for work using I found some good suppliers. We built strong relationships with the suppliers we met off, and we’ve been using them ever since we connected for our 1st job.



7. Are there any features of the marketplace that you feel are most helpful and could be helpful to other buyers utilizing the platform?

  It’s nice to look at the vendor profiles. Get a feeling of their equipment, size, and what they can do. That’s the biggest thing. Also, to be able to have a healthy competitive environment is a bonus. We get the best price, and they can put their best foot forward.


8. Are there any specific gains your company has experienced, such as cost and time savings, etc.?

Yes, for sure. 75% of the suppliers have a great lead time with competitive pricing. I like the great benefits of shopping around. saves, both, time and money. It’s not a one-time deal. You’re able to find vendors that have the right staff and are consistent. helps you find suppliers who have the right staff and equipment consistently and offer excellent pricing on service.



9. What is your advice to others who might be considering joining

Do it! As an end user, it doesn’t cost you anything and it can open your eyes to competitive pricing. Prices you may not have thought about before can lead you to a new process. It cost nothing to try and you’ll have everything to gain.


10. What are your company’s future goals now that you’ve utilized’s platform?

Expand as a company, and will definitely be a part of our expansion. We’re interested in trying out new processes and techniques we never thought of in the past.



Contact Information:

Name: Karl Truty, Owner

Company: Massive Speed Systems

Phone: 815-675-1822