Beyond Direct Sales: Kooima Relies on Manufacturing Marketplace to Find Business Opportunities Online

Press Release

ATLANTA, March 25, 2019 — As quoting supervisor at Iowa-based Kooima® Company, a custom manufacturer for OEMs as well as a manufacturer of its own replacement forage harvester parts and more, Aaron Floen oversees all requests for quotes (RFQs)—and he is always looking for new avenues for business. In late 2016, while exploring ways to expand Kooima’s sales online, he learned about and joined, the world’s preeminent online manufacturing marketplace that helps sourcing professionals discover the right parts manufacturers. Less than three years later, Floen credits with approximately $1.2 million in sales to date.

The most well-established service of its kind, since its inception, has been used by some 26,000 qualified parts manufacturers and 75,000 qualified buyers and engineers to conduct business. Just last month, the company announced a technological revamp that features improved site design and powerful new features built on artificial intelligence and SEO to help buyers and suppliers connect with one another. In particular, Floen likes’s new, intelligent RFQ routing that is based on the manufacturer’s attributes. The feature makes it fast and easy to go through the wealth of RFQs posted on to identify the best opportunities.

“In 2016, I was tasked with finding supplementary sales avenues for our business and learned about,” said Floen. “Within the first year, we landed a really nice job with a new customer in a territory where we don’t have outside sales representatives. A key benefit is that has really allowed us to expand our reach geographically. is part of our online business strategy.”

Manufacturers utilize to find qualified customers and expose their facilities to sourcing professionals who are searching for custom parts manufacturers. For buyers, the marketplace simplifies the process of finding a manufacturing partner. On, they can filter suppliers based on criteria such as capabilities, capacity, and certifications, and can easily and quickly create and post RFQs. Peer ratings and reviews further support the selection process.

“In many ways, is like adding another salesperson to your sales force,” said Floen. “It makes sense for us because, on any given day, there’re between 100 and 200 different RFQs on the platform that could be a fit for Kooima. makes it extremely easy to identify the business you want and go after it.”

Manufacturers of all sizes can join the marketplace via a subscription model. Membership is free for sourcing professionals and buyers. qualifies all marketplace participants.

Manufacturers can register at for a free trial or call 770-444-9686 to talk with a member of the sales team.

About is an online manufacturing marketplace whose mission is to make it easy for buyers and suppliers to discover each other. instantly connects companies seeking custom manufacturing services with qualified manufacturers around the world. The platform is designed to help both buyers and suppliers develop long-term relationships by enabling technology that streamlines the discovery process. With members in 172 countries, is the most well-established marketplace of its kind in the world. For more information, visit us at, like us on Facebook or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @mfgcom.

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