Assembly services are great to use when the company designing the product lacks core competency in final product manufacturing. By using an assembly contract manufacturer, it enables the design company to focus their efforts on creating the products so the assembly contractor can focus on manufacturing the product.  Many companies today are looking to outsource portions of their manufacturing process and whether you manufacture machines, electrical equipment or instrumentation systems, effective assembly is central to your operations. 


  • Designated, world-class machines that can assemble parts quickly and efficiently  
  • Detailed quality control  
  • Achieve higher levels of profit by freeing up internal resources 


  • Cable laying and connecting 
  • Capacitor banks 
  • Motor control centers (MCC) and medium- and low-tension substations 
  • Digital systems involving program logic controllers (PLC) and distributed digital control systems (SDCD) 
  • Electric demand measuring and control systems 
  • Electro ducts, gutters and tubing 
  • Field and panel instruments 
  • Frequency inverters and converters 
  • Panels and distribution boards 
  • Small, medium and large motors 
  • Uninterrupted feeding systems