Our Mission Is to Make It Easy for Buyers and Manufacturers to Discover Each Other and Build Relationships

About Us

MFG is a marketplace that makes it easy for buyers of custom parts to easily discover manufacturers. Our marketplace provides excellent value to our buyers by helping them save time and money, even more value to our customers, the manufacturers, by helping them efficiently and economically find new customers.

With a powerful differentiator being the ability to efficiently post and respond to active RFQ’s by the buyer on our platform, we have easily served over 9,000 buyers and suppliers. We exist to build a bridge between buyers and manufacturers to make the discovery of each other, more efficient and beneficial to all parties.

MFG strives to become the preferred destination in manufacturing for buyers to easily discover new suppliers and for manufacturers to efficiently discover new customers.

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Ronald Hollis

Ronald Hollis


Ronald L. Hollis, Ph.D., assumed the role of our president and CEO with one major focus: transform the industry’s leading manufacturing marketplace into the premier destination for buyers to easily discover new suppliers and manufacturers to efficiently discover new customers. He holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from the University of Alabama and a doctor of philosophy in technology business management from the University of Alabama–Huntsville.