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Sourcing professionals and engineers face a common challenge - namely, when you need to find a new supplier to make one or more parts, where do you turn? Do you remain domestic? Do you source in low cost countries? And when you do find potential suppliers, how do you know which ones are good and which are bad?

Online Manufacturing Directories Only Scratch The Surface

An age old way to find new suppliers has always been to look in some sort of directory. It used to be the Thomas Register. But now it can be any one of dozens or hundreds of online directories. But they all have one common shortcoming - they don't tell you much about the quality of the suppliers you are considering.

MFG.com is Different. It's a True, Global Marketplace.

MFG.com compresses the traditionally difficult, opaque and time-consuming sourcing process down to a few quick, manageable steps. Gone are the days of getting a list of potential suppliers and then contacting them one by one to see who might be a good fit.

With MFG, you not only source suppliers, you also get pricing at the same time. It couldn't be easier. You simply post an RFQ, complete with your engineering drawings, and our system instantly matches your requirements with suppliers around the world (or anywhere you choose). You then quickly begin getting quotes. We make it easy for you to compare quotes from different suppliers, no matter where they are. It's all apples to apples. So you make better quality decisions with less work. We think that's a pretty amazing benefit in and of itself. But when you consider our price for all of this ease of use, FREE for sourcing pros and engineers, it's astonishing.

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