Sourcing Made-to-Order Items

What if You Could Get Quotes Online for Made-to-Order Items?

What if you could request price quotes online for the items you need produced, have it only seen by the right suppliers based on your criteria and receive price quotes online in a secure, private and easy to compare format?  

And even better, what if you could leverage the power of the community to perform due diligence on suppliers based on the ratings they received from your peers when they did business with them?  Welcome to

An Elegant Solution to a Complex Challenge

Sourcing made-to-order items has never been easier. has made it easy for you to find the RIGHT suppliers, collaborate with them, receive quotes online and perform your due diligence with just a few mouse clicks. is FREE for you to use for sourcing.  How can we do that?  Our business model is to provide you with a powerful sourcing tool for FREE. Our revenues come from membership fees charged to the suppliers who wish to discover customers like you. No commissions or transaction fees.

We Didn't Change the Process, We Just Made it More Efficient

By using, you will automatically identify, collaborate with and receive quotes online from qualified and rated suppliers across the street and around the globe. gives you the flexibility you want, allowing you to source production to your current set of approved suppliers or access's integrated global supplier marketplace and instantly identify suppliers that have the credentials, expertise and capacity to meet your requirements.

A Win-Win for Buyers and Suppliers

Savvy buyers know that the way to reduce costs is not through taking profit margins away from suppliers, but rather by connecting with the right suppliers at the right moment in time. automatically matches your sourcing requirements to the expertise, equipment, capacity and credentials of suppliers around the globe, connecting you to the ones that can offer you the best value and quality, while still maintaining a reasonable profit margin.

Time is Money

As companies continue to get leaner, doing more with less is vital to every company’s success. By streamlining the sourcing process and connecting more intelligently with suppliers, gives a single user, or multiple users, the capabilities of a large team of purchasing agents – enabling you and your company to do more with less.

Secure and Safe

You are in complete control of who receives your RFQ and technical data.  CAD and engineering files are delivered in a neutral "view only" format so your native data is protected.

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