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What is is the world’s largest manufacturing marketplace, used by some of the world’s largest buying organizations, ranging from Kimberly-Clark and Bell Helicopter to the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA. And countless smaller ones.

What we do

Our marketplace gives organizations of any size immediate access to quality manufacturers from around the world. And our tools make it easy to source manufactured parts, giving you and your purchasing department advanced features to request, evaluate and compare quotes.

Why it matters

With, you’ll find the right suppliers and get more qualified quotes to manufacture exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. You'll reduce sourcing times, lead times, costs, and risks. And hassle. It’s all at your fingertips. And it’s completely free.


Made exclusively for manufacturing professionals

We designed to help organizations efficiently source manufactured goods, requiring a different set of tools than commodity sourcing. Our system gives you complete control over your entire buying cycle.
Supplier Discovery
You can search for new suppliers by capabilities, qualifications, certifications, ratings, location and more – putting you in command of your supply base.
Requests for Quotes
Whether you want to invite existing suppliers only or expand your search to other regions, countries or continents – our tools let you make the decisions.
Intellectual Property
We have specific tools to protect and manage your technical data, ensuring you have complete control over who sees what.

Source faster. Any time. Anywhere.

Developed for a global economy, supports eight languages and 50 currencies so you can source near points of manufacture, assembly and distribution – wherever they are.  There is no fee for buyers, and our sourcing experts are available to help you gain the greatest benefit from our integrated marketplace.

If you want a better and faster way to find the right suppliers, so you can actually start taking your lunch break, contact today.

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Start reaching tons of qualified manufacturers in less time.

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Benefits of sourcing with

Less effort
Quickly and easily find, qualify and negotiate with more qualified suppliers
Lower costs
Reach a wider base of suppliers and increase responses per RFQ
Shorter lead times
Secure more suppliers with capacity to meet your production needs