About MFG.com

Manufacturing is the World’s Largest Industry

Just look around you, everything is manufactured. There was an equipment manufacturer to make the product, build the mold, weave the cotton, make the airplanes and trucks it was transported on, etc. MFG.com is the clear leader in the online marketplace space for the manufacturing industry with virtually no direct competition. MFG.com is truly a marketplace where buyers of made-to-order industrial goods and textiles/apparel create a request for quote (RFQ) complete with their engineering CAD files and technical specifications. The RFQs are automatically matched to suppliers around the globe with the right equipment, expertise and capacity at the right moment in time creating tremendous efficiency and value. The collaboration, quoting, due diligence, awarding of the order and tracking through delivery of the product all happens on the MFG.com platform.

Making the World More Efficient

When a buyer finds the right supplier, that buyer is able to get their production done more competitively than by traditional methods where the odds of finding the right supplier at the precise moment you need them, is very low. Conversely, when a supplier finds a buyer that buys the services they sell, they are able to provide the buyer with competitive pricing and still make a profit because they found the type of work and customer that is in their “sweet spot”. It is nearly impossible for the supplier to find a steady stream of the right customers by traditional sales and marketing methods.

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