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We’ve created features for buyers and suppliers to make your job easier so you can focus on other parts of your day.

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    Worldwide Marketplace

    The world’s largest manufacturing marketplace featuring thousands of buyers and suppliers.

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    Easy RFQ Creation

    Create a RFQ in minutes and start receiving quotes for your custom manufactured parts today.

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    Integrated Part Library

    Create your own part library to manage your 2D/3D CAD files online and instantly create RFQs from your stored parts.

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    Life Cycle Tracking

    Track your parts from design to delivery, through our interactive manufacturing management portal.

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    Buyer & Supplier Ratings

    See what the marketplace is saying about your potential customers or suppliers. Eliminate excess research time.

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    Quote Tracking

    Track & analyze all quotes to identify key trends in your history and make smarter decisions.

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    Company Profile Pages

    Manufacturers—build your customizable supplier profile page and increase your visibility on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

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    Eliminate Noise

    Create custom RFQ searches matching your expertise to the needs of engineers and sourcing professionals.

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    Easy Quoting

    Quote on MFG.com’s ever growing list of RFQs with a simple click and add to your production schedule.


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    Faster Shipping

    UPS® Integrated Services for MFG.com Members

    With our new UPS integration, you can instantly create, track and manage shipments directly from your MFG.com account. Get started today!

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    Business Intelligence

    Strategies to Grow Your Manufacturing Business

    This free guide delivers objective, actionable insights and best practices to help you build, manage and transform your manufacturing business.

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    Enterprise Sourcing

    What LiveSource Brings to Modern Sourcing

    Learn how MFG.com is transforming the sourcing industry with LiveSource, the world's first cloud-based enterprise sourcing tool built for manufacturing.